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https://www.123merry.com/info_basic.html 123 Easy Teaching 教育學習>圖書出版 “Early childhood education is the most critical stage of learning; a poor early start will have lasting effects on later development. In my own personal experience, I have found that students often have the most trouble with mathematics. It is truly a shame that many students often give up on math due to falsely perceived difficulty. Teacher Huang's innovative new work, 123 Easy Teaching, is the result of many years of teaching experience. This book series addresses the needs of youth education and eliminates the difficulties and bottlenecks frequently encountered during the elementary learning process. This allows children to gain confidence in their mathematic abilities, furthermore, it allows them to learn happily without struggle. These books are vital to providing a solid arithmetic foundation for children.”Zhang Huatang, President of Hukou Senior High School AcknowledgementsThe creation of 123 Easy Teaching would not have been possible without the invaluable advice from established educators in the field. I would like to specially thank the following individuals for their approval: ⦁ Professor Lin, Mathematics Department, National Taiwan University⦁ Professor Huang, Applied Math Department, National Dong Hwa University⦁ Professor Fu, Applied Math Department, National Chiao Tung UniversityI would like to thank Professor Lin of National Taiwan University for his ideas on improving the text. In addition, I would like to thank the dean Bao of Northeast Agricultural University and Principal Zhang of Hukou High School for their sagacious advice. For many years, they have propelled their many students to academic success. I extend my gratitude to the dean Li of National Tsinghua University for establishing a youth education foundation, to guide students with their homework and guide them along with the course material. I would also like to thank the internationally renowned Director Liao of Academia Sinica, the national academy in Taiwan, for his praise. To all of these individuals, I would like to once again expressed my heartfelt gratitude.To receive the recommendations regarding 123 Easy Teaching from these scholars has been an honor. I also hope that this work can received widespread support and use, so please spread the word to help support children everywhere have a smooth introduction to arithmetic.Note: Academia Sinica was founded in 1928 in Nanjing, with Dr. Cai Yuanpei as the first director. Now Academia Sinica is locate in Taipei, with Dr. Liao Junzhi as the director. The academy has fostered brilliant minds such as that of Yuan T Lee, the first Taiwanese Nobel prize laureate, who acted as the academy directed from 1994 to 2006. According to the logical sequence and regularity of the traditional 9* 9 multiplication table , the logic of various operations is editted in 123 Easy Teaching. The primary school students are familiar with such a nature when they learn the addition and subtraction.Practice makes perfect, if the 123 Easy Teaching is applied to learn  addition and subtraction well, the students are able to be very accustomed to use such a nature to learn the nine-nine (or 12* 12 ) multiplication table in the future."We believe every child can become a numerate adult. " This Book 123 Easy Teaching makes children totally change their calculating habits, and children are able to get the calculating results as quickly as adults.Click here to 123 +   3/4  for more and more Graphic Understanding Intuitively.Click here to 123 −   3/4  for more and more Graphic Understanding Intuitively.Click here to 123 ×  3/4  for more and more Graphic Understanding Intuitively.Full of fun, impress your children and students understand mathematics more intuitively!PrefaceRecently, the British Ministry of Education has begun to question the value of rote memorization of multiplication tables and the notion that not memorizing one’s multiplication tables will result in inferior arithmetic abilities. One senior official has proclaimed that if Britain does not change the way mathematics is taught in schools, then the British economy will decline. In 2016, Britain decided to continue having children memorize the 12x12 multiplication table. However, when elementary school principals visited China, they were shocked by the 9x9 multiplication table in use there.Memorizing the 9x9 multiplication table is greatly beneficial for young children studying math. Furthermore, developing fundamental arithmetic skills is similarly critical to developing a child’s confidence in math.Visual learning has been demonstrated to be one of the most effective methods of teaching to children. The visual aids in 123 Easy Teaching are simple yet clear, allowing for children to learn the intuitions behind arithmetic. Through consistent and thorough study, children will subconsciously develop confidence and a rich interest towards math. We hope that all the students and teachers using this book will have this kind of experience.All rights reserved. Click here to 123 ÷     4/4  Motion on equations and click site to get motion learningNo data input required.Notice that the equation is changed interactively when the cursor was moved closely. Because the fixed graphics JPG files were posted on site, so there is no interactive effect on site.If you want to experience dynamic teaching effects, please download the interactive pdf file, welcome to download and get the interactive  functions. After downloading, experience the new learning method, interactive learning on PC. The computers with larger screens, such as notebook computers are suggested. Smart phones do not support the interactive functions (nor tablet).Currently, because the (amazon) e-book readers are temporarily unable to get interactive function on the e-book readers.If you want to have interactive features, please download the following interactive pdf files on the site. Welcome to experience the interactive teaching and share 123 site to more people to increase the fun of learning.Click here to continue interactive features demo 1 on youtube.https://youtu.be/0JVufaSat7kClick here to continue interactive features demo 2 on youtube.https://youtu.be/3ZcJpUYHGH8© 2018 - 2019  Huang Yu Chih. All rights reserved.Can I order eBooks on Amazon?It depends on where you are. The website links to Amazon ( ex. Amazon US) , if you are in the United Kingdom, the United States, India, etc., you can order Amazon to order e-books. However,However, currently because the (amazon) e-book readers are temporarily unable to get interactive function on the e-book readers.  Where can I find the subscription version on the website? Can I download it?The "Subscriptions to Download eBooks " is accompanied by some subscription files that can be downloaded ( after ordering ).Nobel-level masters and mathematics professors and scholars jointly recommend.We hope that the children in the study will lay the foundation for mathematics and all the learning. Wish they have more happy explorations to prepare well for the road to be the scientists, even the Nobel Prize in the future. “From this book I can clearly see that you (the author) are dedicated to the fundamentals of education. I believe that many children will be able to appreciate the beauty of math.”Director Liao Junzhi, Academia SinicaDr.  James C. Liao ,  present President, Academia Sinica  2016 -  Dr.  James C. Liao,  present President, Academia Sinica  2016 - ( and tsmc  Dr. Morris Chang )Dr. James C. Liao  has been named co-winner of the 2013 Eni Prize for renewable energy research. Awarded from President of Italy  123 Easy Teaching is to explain the Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, representation of various operational images, and the process of constructing arithmetic, to enhance children's understanding. The child is able to be familiar with the results of calculations, and leave a deep impression on the mind by reading 123 Easy Teaching .The two world scientists have extraordinary achievements in their respective fields. Their fields are different, they both have won the world-class ultimate awards in their respective fields.They both have served as President, Academia Sinica. Fortunately, the current President, Academia Sinica recommends 123 Easy Teaching. After you read the content of this website, there will be such a feeling. 123 Easy Teaching is very helpful to the children's arithmetic guidance.If you want to quickly understand the efficiency and effectiveness of 123 Easy Teaching to get the effective and effective learning methods on arithmetic, you can directly click "(+ − ×  ÷)  Door Open" to see the guide of the book. It explains the important concepts and design features. 123 Easy Teaching  (+ − )  part of the contents 123 Easy Teaching  (×  ÷)  part of the contents (draft versions, only link for quick review )Features of 123 Easy Teaching site This site is renderedPart of 123 Part of the arithmetic exerciseIntroducing the uniqueness of 123  Download and subscribe to the 123  method descriptionFree  introduction of 123  .For more, please refer to the "(+ − ×  ÷)  Door Open" from the menu " 123 Easy " , you can find more detailed explanations on 123 Easy Teaching.There are 123 Easy Teaching download areas to make teaching easier for parents and teachers, and children are more happy to learn math and get higher math scores.If you want to subscribe to 123 , please refer to the "e-book Subscription"' menu to download and order, you can order for yourself, you can also order for yourself and friends together at a time to get a better offer.Before downloading the 123 Easy Teaching PDF electronic file and clicking on the subscription,please fill in the online subscription order, systems will immediately send the 123 e-book password to your mailbox to open the PDF file.For more instructions, please refer to the "E-book Subscription Menu" or Q & A ( Answer the questions ) " from the menu " Info." , with detailed explanations, you can find more questions and answers.If you have any questions, please write to countrysir@gmail.com and you will get a more detailed explanation. Welcome email addresses  123@123merry.com or 123merry@123merry.com to Contact the website. Thank you.Wish more, even all teachers and parents will enjoy the children's learning.

Collective order: Welcome group orders and use by the group. Please respect the author's intellectual property rights, and use the content of 123 Easy Teaching reasonably. ~~~ ~~~ 團購: 歡迎集體訂購使用.請尊重作者擁有智慧財產權, 合理的使用著作內容. ~~~
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