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PART 2  of 123

Gauss once said: "mathematics is the queen of science, and number theory is the queen of mathematics", people of that era therefore called gauss "the prince of mathematics".

In an interview, Qiu Chengtong, winner of the Fields prize, the highest honor in the world of mathematics, and a scholar of academia sinensis, pointed out that Mathematics should be taught according to aptitude, and both memory and reasoning should be taken into account. It is a kind of "unfortunate" not to recite mathematics of nine-nine multiplication; If you don't use the method of multiplication table you can only have one number and one number and you don't have a complete concept of multiplication.

He said, well, for example,if I have 2 times 10, and I have to add 10 times each time, how can I get to the next level of math? after 40 years of studying mathematics, he still has to learn some things by heart.

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“Early childhood education is the most critical stage of learning; a poor early start will have lasting effects on later development. In my own personal experience, I have found that students often have the most trouble with mathematics. It is truly a shame that many students often give up on math due to falsely perceived difficulty. Teacher Huang's innovative new work, 123 Easy Teaching, is the result of many years of teaching experience. This book series addresses the needs of youth education and eliminates the difficulties and bottlenecks frequently encountered during the elementary learning process. This allows children to gain confidence in their mathematic abilities, furthermore, it allows them to learn happily without struggle. These books are vital to providing a solid arithmetic foundation for children.”
Zhang Huatang, President of Hukou Senior High School 


Learning and memory are inseparable.When learning, the synapses between the neurons in the brain will become tighter and tighter, and a lot of energy will be consumed in the process, and the attention will be reduced. It will be better to take a break of 10 minutes after 20 minutes of study.


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While learning, the children practice and say the answer. They get a deep impression on the answer after understanding, and it is very suitable for children's learning.

It's not only fun, lively, but more important, it can be learned quickly and effectively. Enhancing the children's willingness to learn to enhance the learning. If the children learn in this way, they can greatly improve their computing power and greatly increase their computing power. Computational power is the foundation of mathematics, the children learn in this way to be superior in computing power. Having superior computing power is the first step in superior mathematics.
Children will have more vivid reactions and like this kind of interactive learning.
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Gauss one of the greatest mathematicians, said : "Mathematics is the queen of the sciences and number theory is the queen of mathematics."
More importantly, children's learning opportunities should not be missed. A good opportunity to cultivate children's mathematics ability, the good mathematics ability will increase confidence in other subjects.

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The "Subscriptions to Download eBooks " is accompanied by some subscription files that can be downloaded ( after ordering ).

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