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123 Easy Teaching is to explain the Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, representation of various operational images, and the process of constructing arithmetic, to enhance children's understanding. The child is able to be familiar with the results of calculations, and leave a deep impression on the mind by reading 123 Easy Teaching .

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The 123 Easy Teaching  expression in native English written by some famous and professional American scholar.
For more, please refer to the "(+ − ×  ÷)  Door Open" from the menu " 123 Easy " , you can find more detailed explanations on 123 Easy Teaching.

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1234 motion demo
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123 (+ − × ÷) are all only numbers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 

8 9 ..............,

and  + − × ÷ = , 

no language words.

Age 3-   worldwide.


123 + Suma : Sólo números 

123 + Optellen: Alleen cijfers

123 + Addizione: Solo numeri

123 + Addition: Nur Zahlen

123 + 加算, 数字のみ

123 + Addition: Seulement des chiffres

Arithmetic Addition on Mathematics : 123 +: math A+ ok, (+) Only Numerals, No Words


Arithmetic Addition on Mathematics : 123 +: math A+ ok, (+) Only Numerals, No Words

Arithmetic Addition on Mathematics : 123 +: math A+ ok, (+) Only Numerals, No Words

Arithmetic Addition on Mathematics : 123 +: math A+ ok, (+) Only Numerals, No Words




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30 TWD (US$1 ) Donatation for a unit, if you have already ordered other items. 

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For your reference,  Bank of Taiwan 2018,12,10,

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Thanks for your kind supports.

Thanks for your kind supports.

Thanks for your kind supports.