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123 Easy Teaching

The stories expression in native English written by some famous and professional American scholar.

"We believe every child can become a numerate adult. " This Book 123 Easy Teaching makes children totally change their calculating habits, and children are able to get the calculating results as quickly as adults.


"This book 123 Easy Teaching succeeds in using cute illustrations to draw children into the beautiful world of Arithmetic . It allows children to personally reason about numbers and realize the relationship between them, similar to how the keys of a piano come together to make a melody. I believe that this way of learning will provide lifelong benefits to the children. I think this book is strongly worth recommending and for parents and their children to read along together." said, Professor Lin Tai-Chia, National Taiwan University.


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123 easy teaching on mathematics : Arithmetic Multiplication & Division: math A+ ok,

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123 Easy Teaching on mathematics

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